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  • TUNAC undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the information provided in the form and the attached documents.
  • Documents forming part of an accreditation file, apart from accreditation certificates and accreditation scopes, cannot be sent to third parties by TUNAC without the body's prior written consent, except in the context of a judicial inquiry or a mutual recognition procedure. TUNAC does not advertise the existence of an accreditation request.
  • It is also the responsibility of the organization to update the information in this form with TUNAC whenever necessary. This information will be made available to the evaluators appointed by TUNAC, as well as to the Accreditation Committee for the evaluation of the accreditation file.
  • TUNAC reserves the right to stop the process of processing accreditation requests in the event of fraudulent behavior by the applicant or if it is proven that the applicant organization has intentionally withheld information or produced false information.
  • An application is only admissible if the processing fees for the file have been paid in accordance with document DO.G.04 for national organizations and DO.G.10 for foreign organizations.
  • All documents relating to the functioning of TUNAC can be found on the website

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