Accreditation :

Attestation issued by a third party relating to a conformity assessment body constituting a formal acknowledgment of its competence to carry out specific conformity assessment activities.


Appeal: request by the supplier of the object of the conformity assessment to the conformity assessment body or the accreditation body that the body reconsiders a decision already taken in relation to that object.

Unilateral engagement:

Arrangement whereby a Party recognizes or accepts the results of conformity assessment obtained by another Party.

Bilateral arrangement:

Under which each party recognizes or accepts the results of the conformity assessment obtained by either party.


Provision of an assertion, based on a decision following the review demonstrating that specified requirements are met.

Audit :

A systematic, independent and documented process to obtain records, statements of facts or other relevant information and to evaluate them objectively to determine the extent to which the specified requirements are met.

Certification :

A third party attestation, relating to products, processes, systems or persons.

Assessment of compliance :

Demonstration that specified requirements for a product, process, system, person or organization are met.

 Peer review :

Evaluation of an organization, in relation to requirements specified by representatives of other bodies in an agreement group or having applied for that agreement group.

Inspection :

Examination of the design of a product, a product of a process or an installation and determining compliance with specific requirements or, on the basis of professional judgment, general requirements.

Compliance Assessment Body :

Organization that provides Compliance Assessment services.

Accreditation body:

An authoritative body that conducts accreditation.



Scope of attestation :

Scope or characteristics of the conformity assessment objects covered by the certificate.


Revocation of the statement of conformity.

Surveillance :

Systematic iteration of conformity assessment activities as the basis for maintaining the validity of the claim of conformity.

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