TUNAC International

The organization and harmonization of accreditation practices is part of the growth of global and regional accreditation organizations.

The world organizations are two in number:


Regional organizations are organizations on five continents whose geographical scope is geographically restricted :

  • EA (European Co-operation for Accreditation) Covers the Europe region for all types of accreditation
  • APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) Covers the Asia-Pacific region for the accreditation of laboratories and inspection bodies
  • PAC (Pacific Accreditation Cooperation) Covers the same region for the accreditation of inspection and certification bodies
  • IAAC (Inter American Accreditation Cooperation) Covers the Americas region for all types of accreditation
  • SADCA (South African Development Commity’s cooperation in Accreditation) Covers the Southern Africa region for all types of accreditation

ILAC and IAF have established and maintain multilateral recognition agreements based on regional agreements developed by EA, APLAC and PAC strong>.

TUNAC is a signatory of the bilateral recognition agreement with EA (BLA) and multilateral with ILAC (MLA) and IAF (MLA). > IAF .
In addition, Tunac is a member of the IAF.

TUNAC participed in ILAC and IAF as a permanent member. Engagement in such an organization is intended to ensure that TUNAC is in tune with the assessment processes arround the world, which is also a way of demonstrating the interest of TUNAC in applying the same rules as these counterparts.


The advantage of the International Recognition Agreements:

Membership in these international organizations is intended to bring the experience of ILAC, IAF and EA to TUNAC in order to harmonize the criteria and procedures for accreditation of conformity assessment bodies with the aim of facilitating international acceptance of calibration certificates and reports of tests and / or analyzes issued by laboratories, certificates of conformity issued by certification bodies and reports from inspection bodies.

TUNAC, being a permanent member of the IAF and ILAC, has a duty to respect the obligations of these two organizations mentioned in their statutes (bylaws) and commits to:

  • Comply with the rules and procedures of the IAF and ILAC, which are adopted by the members by vote, and the rules of its general statute.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Certificate of Incorporation as a member of the IAF and ILAC and their status.
  • Accept the mutual recognition agreements (IAF MLA) and (ILAC MLA) established between member accreditation bodies under the same programs approved by IAF and ILAC.
  • Promote the acceptance of equivalence of accreditations made by peer members who are signatories to the IAF MLA and ILAC MLA Mutual Recognition Agreements.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information from the IAF and ILAC which it is not authorized to disclose.

TUNAC is also committed to:

  • Operate and / or expand its accreditation process in accordance with appropriate international standards and / or guides approved by the IAF and ILAC
  • Require accredited conformity assessment bodies to operate in accordance with IAF and ILAC documents and guides,
  • Seeking to adhere to the relevant IAF MLA and ILAC MLA programs for which TUNAC has a sufficiently developed business and therefore be subject to mutual evaluation by other IAF and ILAC member bodies,
  • Demonstrate acceptance and / or recognition of TUNAC as an accreditation body member of IAF and ILAC, respecting the programs that are available to IAF and ILAC members,
  • Accomplish adherence to the list of IAF MLA and ILAC MLA Mutual Recognition Agreement signatories while maintaining compliance with MLA policy and procedures and recognizing accreditations issued by other signatories to the MLA IAF Mutual Recognition Agreements and ILAC MLA and consider them as their equivalents.
  • Exploit the work of counterpart agencies that are signatories to the MLA Mutual Recognition Agreements and members of the IAF and ILAC.

As such, TUNAC actively participates in the technical and reflection committees of EA, ILAC, IAF, etc.